The value of Tidiness is the regular practice of cleaning, hygiene and order in our persons, our spaces and our things.
The value of tidiness opens the door to a world that allows us to be tidier, giving those around us a feeling of wellbeing, but above everything, of good example.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of:
    • Condominiums
    • Window glasses in buildings, premises and shops
    • Parkings
  • Cleaning of:
    • Facades of buildings, premises and shops
    • Graffiti: Using water jet
    • Dust, dirt and pollution in general: Using water jet or suction
    • High rise facades and window glasses
    • Sunshades
  • ...
  • Cleaning and maintenance of industrial machinery
  • Cleaning of facilities and offices
  • Restoration of industrial machinery
  • Cleaning and maintenance of industrial facilities
  • ...